U-13s Costa Rica Blog Day #5: A great lunch, and also a game

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

Cade, Triston, and Marko

On Monday morning we had woken up at 7:30 am to go eat breakfast. The bad part was that everyone was pretty tired; Tibbs even had bags under his eyes. When we arrived at breakfast there was a bowl of fruit waiting for us. And ten minutes later pancakes were in front us. Everyone was so excited that we had pancakes.

Paul had quoted, “this is the business.”

When we had finished up breakfast, we had a meeting at the pool. The meeting was about our trip so far. It was fun for us to hear each other’s thoughts. After that, we all headed to our hotel rooms to get ready to go for a walk around the hotel's courtyard. It was beautiful. We saw lizards and a bunch of amazing plants and flowers. Furthermore, that was Monday Morning.

Next - Monday’s lunch was one of the best we had. Our lunch was fried chicken with a side of fries, and let me tell you, it was really good after having a bunch of crazy things to eat and try. We also had desert! The desert didn’t exactly hit the spot. It was like cake/jello, it was weird but fun to play with. We still appreciated their effort, Cade remarked.

Finally it was the game. We arrived two hours early for warm-ups but another group of kids were taking the field for their practice! We only warmed up for 30 minutes. The outcome was 3-2 Belen.

When we got back to the hotel it was 8:45. For diner we had Heart of Palm( literally) and a side of salad. It was delicious.