U-13s Costa Rica Blog: Day #8: Dancing, Love & Saprissa Stadium

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Max and Vincent

On Thursday morning we woke up really early in the morning. At 7 we had breakfast of fruit and pancakes. It was really good.

After, we got on our bus to head to the school for our community service. When we first arrived we were all very excited and ready to help the local school. At first we walked up a long staircase where many of the kindergartners lined up to welcome us. Then when we reached the top, there was a stage. Many of the kids sang Costa Rica ́s National anthem. Then they began dancing and the invited all of the staff and team to dance with them. First was Win then everybody joined in and Thibbs got to dance with a really hot muchahcha and they fell in loooooove. HAHA <3 <3 <3

Also many of the girls fell to Hayden ́s knees because of his good looks .HAHA <3 <3 <3

Then after the interaction with the many children we headed up to the back of the school where we could do some work. What we did was we scrubbed a wall with tons of moss on it. They were so grateful that we did that small deed because they could pay someone to clean of they could feed a child their only meal of the day. For all of us it was a real eye opener to see how privileged we are.

After the school we took a 30 min. ride to the Saprissa stadium. When we arrived the burgundy color was everywhere. First we got to walk down the team hallway under the stadium and here's a cool fact. When the other team was in their locker room the Saprissa fans would jump up and down making the stadium shake like an earthquake. This would make the other team almost pee their pants.

When we came out of the tunnel the stadium was huge and the field was just rocks. It was because they were re-turfing the field for the u17 women ́s world cup.

Finally, we left the stadium to go to the mall. It was huge and there were at least 20 different American food outlets to choose from. Most of us went to Wendy’s. After lunch we went our groups to look and buy some clothing and gear. Many of us got Saprissa jerseys.

After about 2 hours we left but Paul bought Grand Theft Auto and Brian made him switch it out for a more appropriate game. After the mall we traveled back to our hotel for dinner and a 30 min swim in the pool. For dinner we had steak and a salad and it was really good. That was Thursday.