U-13s Costa Rica Blog Day #9: Won 4-2, and ate a lot of food!

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Hank, Cal, and Connor

We woke up at 8:15 for a 9:00 am breakfast of perfectly cooked brownish yellow French toast with fresh fruit and orange juice. After the breakfast was over and we had to say goodbye to our favorite restaurant men Miguel and Saul, we went back up to our rooms for some peace and quiet to rest up for that night’s game.

We had hung out in the rooms eating whatever food we could manage to scrub up for about 2 hours before we met Brian at the elevator. He told us we were going to a peaceful place to stretch and get ready for the big game tonight. We went to the pool to do this because it was quiet and relaxing. Brian gave us some stretches to do before we came up with our own, and eventually it just turned into a lounging game.

We then headed for lunch with the game in the back of our minds and got settled at the white table clothed wooden table to get the food into our bodies and energize us for the game. The lunch was an extraordinary blend of spaghetti and beef with fresh fruit and iced tea to quench our thirsts. After the food had been consumed by us like a pack of wolves that hadn’t eaten in a week, we got dressed and headed out for the fields.

The field was incredible! It was a perfectly placed turf field with the white marking lines running straight and parallel to each other. But now it was time to focus in and get set for tonight’s key match.

The game started and the half wore on with Uruguay controlling and eventually getting two goals on us before the half was over. It was 2-0 at halftime. Then, the Rapids that I, and everyone else knew showed up. The final score was 4-2 we won!

On the bus ride home the team was overcome with a mix of joy and happiness and we got back to the hotel in a bundle of excitement. But that was all put out the window when the word, “dinner,” was mentioned. Everyone was SUPER hungry when we got back and probably set a world record for “most food eaten in 10 minutes by a soccer team” in the process. We had sandwiches and french fries with fruit, iced tea, and bread. It was really good and we had a blast talking to each other, but we were all really tired and as soon as we got the chance we high tailed in out of the restaurant and into our beds to call it a day, and get some sleep.

By Juan, Win, and Paul

We took a long bus ride to the field which took about 30 Minutes.  We started out with a warm up we did monkey in the middle and another game. Then, Gustavo did our workout part of our warm up; we did sprints, high knees, and other things to stretch out our muscles. Next, Gustavo did a shooting drill which had a pass to him and he laid it off for a finish to goal.

Then the game began, in the first half we got scored on twice. One of the goals was a header and the other one was just a regular finish. We were down 2-0 at half time.

Then in the second half we stepped up our game and we played a lot better. Danny scored half way through the half to make the game 2-1. That’s when it all began.

It was back and forth for a while and then finally we got possession for a while and the other team got frustrated, then with 3 minutes left and Tristan scored a header off of Juan’s cross. And we were tied 2-2. The whole bench went crazy. Then Marco Rios hit the post and ever body was disappointed.

Then Marco Rios curved it into the far post and then the score was 3-2 rapids! Finally right after that goal Marco blasted a shot and it hit off of one of their players and it went into the goal. As soon as the goal happened the game ended and every one went insane.