U-13s Costa Rica Blog Day #11: Sportsmanship on our last day

(A selection of Colorado Rapids U-13s is in Costa Rica participating in the Saprissa Cup. The kids, ranging from 10-13 years-old, provide updates from their trip).

By Max & Vince

Final game Vs. Saprissa

The game was at 10:00 a.m. at a FIFA field. We arrived and got ready in the locker room. Then we went on to the field and started to warm up. Coach Gary told us the starting 11 and then the game started. We gave Saprissa Rapids key chains and they gave us Saprissa flags, magazines, and wristbands. We were wearing all white, while they were wearing all burgundy.

The first half ended 0-0. We had better chances at goal, but the possession went to Saprissa. The line-up changed a little and the second half started. Saprissa came and scored a goal, then another one. We didn’t give up. Juan was 1v1 with keeper and took a big touch. The keeper got to the ball first and tried to kick it out, but Juan ran as fast as he can and threw his body. The ball hit Juan and went in the goal. We kept playing hard, but the game ended. We lost 2-1.

Even though we lost, we knew we played well. We won three, lost twice, and tied once.

By Cade, Triston and Marko

Game vs. Saprissa

On Sunday morning, we woke up at 7 o’clock. We got to eat breakfast off the buffet and when we had finished we got on our bus to the FIFA Training field. It was huge and pretty. The result of the game was 2-1 Saprissa.

After the game we had a barbeque at one of the Saprissa’s player’s houses. It was really fun. We danced, threw water balloons and ate a lot. It was a lot of fun and really relaxing. After lunch we said our goodbyes to the player including Hayden giving his shin guard bands for a pair of shorts.

After that it was a long ride back to our hotel. When we got there we dropped off all of us were really tired. Gary then treated us to the pool from 6 to 7. After that we headed to dinner. It was some soup with slow roasted pork and rice. Lastly, we packed and took pictures with the waiters it was really sad. It was a great trip.