Dillon Powers celebrates his first pro goal on March 30, 2013
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

Dillon Powers: A win like that gives us so much confidence

Colorado Rapids midfielder Dillon Powers following 4-3 victory at Montreal:

Is this the biggest win for you as a professional soccer player…
I think it has to be, it was just an emotional rollercoaster and we just pulled that in with a never die attitude and it just feels great.

How do you get the attitude to be down and still have the mental strength to come back and win…
I think a lot of it comes from the belief in ourselves and the collective belief. We’ve been sick these three past games that we’ve lost in a row and I think we just couldn’t have that feeling again.

On how the rookies played a big part in this game…
I think it’s great for the team, they’ve given us an opportunity and to take that opportunity is nice for us individually but I think it’s bigger for the team to get these goals. This win is a major boost to us, credit to Montreal they are I think one of the best teams in the league, if not the best. It was a tough game to win here and to win like that gives us so much confidence to go forward. So there’s a lot of momentum that this is setting forth for the next two home games.

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