Nathan Sturgis following win over NY: Everybody is chipping in

Colorado Rapids Midfielder Nathan Sturgis following 2-0 home win over New York on the 4th of July:

On the strategy in the first and second half:

"I think we just made a little bit of an adjustment. I think we were able to spread them out a little bit; in the first half I think they were pretty compact especially in the middle so we didn’t have a lot of space. I think the second half we were able to spread the ball out more and that spread them out, got them a little tired and we were able to get behind them."

On creating more opportunities in the second half than first:

"In the first half we weren’t creating a lot, but the second half we came out with some good energy and we got some good bounces and got some good opportunities. It was good to get those two goals."

On his goal:

"It’s part getting in the right spot and it’s part getting good service. Tonight was just kind of a fortunate bounce I guess but you just try to put yourself in the box and get in open areas and hope the ball comes to you and tonight it did again."

On whether he thought he’d have scored four goals by now:

"I think that’s what I would have liked to do. I haven’t scored a lot of goals in the past but with this team I’ve had the freedom to get forward a little more so if you’re free to get forward then you hope to score some goals with that."

On being one of the top scorers:

"I think we have a lot of guys scoring, there’s not really one guy pulling the entire team with goals right now and everybody’s chipping in. It feels great to get four goals and help the team out."