Drew Moor
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Drew Moor following draw with DC: Feels like a loss

Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor following scoreless draw with DC United:

On going into the ten day break before the next league game:

"I think we just need to stay positive. This was one of those ties tonight that feels a little bit like a loss. But we can’t think that way. We’ve got to stay positive, you know move onto the next one. We have a little bit of time off so you know we’ll want to take some time to recover, but we’ll want to prepare for New England right away obviously. You know a little bit of time is sometimes a good thing. We just couldn’t finish tonight, but overall a solid performance. But at the end of the night I think we leave disappointed only to get the one point."

On having several home games in July:

"Playing at home you feel comfortable. We’ve made this a difficult place to play and that’s a good thing. So anytime you play at home, you have the fans advantage. Just the little advantages here and there, but we need to go out there and play our game. I thought we did that tonight. We don’t want to be discouraged by not scoring a goal tonight, because we’ve shown in the past couple weeks that we can score a bunch of goals. So we’ll fix some things and, like I said, look to New England right away."

On what has changed in the last three games:

"I think we’re just more solid as a unit. And it’s not just the back four. It’s really all 11 guys on the field just being solid. We have some very good defenders that haven’t featured in the past couple games and that’s a good sign because we’re coming together a little bit. Getting Shane back, who’s fantastic obviously, is a big boost as well. But there’s a bunch of defenders right now that are pushing for spots during the week and that makes you concentrate more, that makes you focus more, and that makes you work harder and it has translated over into the matches the past couple weeks."