Pareja says 'game is cruel' as Rapids can't score on DC despite 23-6 shots advantage

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following scoreless home draw with DC United:

On how they beat the top two teams in the East and then tied D.C. United:

"Scoring goals. Because that’s the way the game is. You have to give credit to the players today that got 23 attempts at goal. Probably they doubled the attempts that we had in the last game but we couldn’t score. The game is cruel. The game is like that and today was that day. We couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net and then that’s what makes the difference. In Montreal we were fine with it. I thought we looked calmer, we looked composed, in front of the goal we were sharp. Against New York we had options. There were not many but we were sharp in the back as well. Today it was 23 attempts to goal and we came out with no goals. So that’s the game. The answer is we scored goals and today we couldn’t."

On getting so many shots on goal and not scoring:

"I have to see the positive things in this game today. I feel bad for the players because they made a big effort. I thought they played well, especially in the second half. We came out with a bit more determination to score but that’s what it is. We are getting the options. I thought we were building well. Once again in the second half I thought we looked better with the way we controlled the game. I’m happy with the defensive part of the team. I thought we were looking better and better on that part. And all these positive things cannot put us down and see that the team is progressing. I hate to lose two points today, for sure, but the game is like that."

On D.C. United goalkeeper Joe Willis:

"I thought he had an incredible night."

On his reasons for subbing Shane O’Neill out early:

"Shane was hesitating at that point because he got a yellow card too early. The best part that I have from Shane is his aggressiveness and his determination and his toughness in the game. And if I take that away from him then that’s a big piece of the game. He was hesitating because he’s young. With Thomas I don’t have that problem. Thomas has 300 games under his belt. Shane has 10. So I wanted to protect him but at the same time I wanted to bring fresh legs with Brian that would give us a little bit more going forward so that was the purpose."