Marvell Wynne
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

Marvell Wynne says comeback win "speaks a lot for a team’s integrity"

Colorado Rapids defender Marvell Wynne following the 2-1 home win over New England:

On playing his 100th game with the Rapids:

"It feels pretty good. This team’s been around [since the beginning of the league] so being here and being able to get 100 games is something that, again only 15 players have done and it feels really good. Especially good knowing that we got a win from it. It felt good. It is a milestone and a presentation of some sorts. It’s an award. It’s a compliment in terms of: this organization wants me here and in these 100 games I’ve come to like this organization as well and hope that we can keep things going."

On the comeback win at home and its meaning for the team:

"It’s a great little push knowing that we can come out and play a decent game for both halves and get a victory. And coming from behind always speaks a lot for a team’s integrity and how we don’t want to stop at any point. We felt good out there playing so now we’ve got to take it to a very difficult place and hopefully get a result in Seattle."

On his comfort level in his role:

"I feel very comfortable, especially today. I felt like I had a lot of room. I felt like I was able to do a decent job in the offensive side of things as well a defensive. So at any point where I can get forward and help the team out in both directions, I’m all for it."

On the Revolution playing defensively after scoring their first goal:

"Once they get back, all that does is leave more space for the defenders and midfielders to get up and attack them more. They’re going to turtle, try to get everybody in the box but we’re going to keep hammering at that shell until we get a break and we got two of them tonight."

On the change in play style in the second half:

"We realized when we came back into the locker room [for halftime] that along the outsides we were getting a lot of time and space and crosses so we go outside and we tried to get the balls into the box. You saw right away, Atiba [Harris] got that cross in, boom, and instantly we kept going and got our breaks."