Drew Moor on draw at Seattle: 'Really important to get points right now'

Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor following 1-1 draw at Seattle:

On his second goal of the season...

"Yeah I think that I might have stolen that goal from Nick [LaBrocca]. I had a man marking me on the previous corners and just before the goal nobody really marked me so on the next corner I stepped out of the box hoping that nobody would mark me. I think that [Mauro] Rosales shifted over a little late and it was just a perfect ball from Nick [LaBrocca]. I think I actually beat the ball to the back of the net."
On the defensive improvement over the last few games...

"Well first of all we got Shane [O'Neil] back and that was huge. His record speaks for itself and when he is on the field we play with a lot of confidence. I think we are just doing a better job of staying concentrated. We all have to be on the same page which I think we have been. We have a healthy competition between the back defenders and when you are training as hard as you can games become that much easier."
On your schedule getting lighter...

"I don't think that it does get that much lighter. We have been playing a lot of games, but we have the Galaxy and Salt Lake coming. I think we only have one Eastern Conference game left. It is really important to get points right now. We have really been pushing that the last couple of weeks. This is where we can make things easier for us come September and October. We have to be in playoff mode right now."
On Seattle's Goal...

"We needed to clear the ball further. I know that I had a couple of shots at the ball and we all just got into a mode where we were just trying to block shots instead of clearing the ball. [DeAndre] Yedlin had a couple of chances at the ball and we were really pinned down for almost two minutes before the ball finally went in the goal. We just need to clear it high and far and get up the field. We can't let ourselves get pinned down like that"


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Saturday, July 1