Oscar Pareja on win over LA: Hard work is paying off

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the 2-0 home win over LA:

On the goals and the game as a whole:

"That was a game that was not pretty, but I thought it was very well played by us. And that’s a huge difference, when you have a team that is organized and waiting for the moment because we were playing against a good team and LA…there’s a bunch of players who have been together for years and they connect stuff. And in the beginning, we didn’t create that many chances. That’s correct. But I thought we were very organized and that’s what I’m saying: the team played pretty well today. I’m very happy with the performance. We were going to play prettier than that, maybe more attractive because that was the goal. But the way I saw the team with the solidness today was great. Two things happened today that don’t happen to us quite often: that we lead in the first half at home and a good first fifteen minutes in the second half. With those two things we’ve struggled before. And today was good, was different. So big credit to the players that made things happen today."

On the team:

"I think the hard work that the players have put in in training and they believe enough about what we’re doing. Most importantly, I think it’s a group that’s convinced and committed with the club. They understand that no one is bigger than the club and they’re playing as a team, that’s huge."

On Dillon Powers:

"Dillon, I thought, was outstanding today not just because he contributed to the scoring but also because of the solidness that he has given us in that part of the field. I thought he was very mature today."

On the conference standings:

"We always take a look, but I think right now the most important is to keep adding points and the conference is so tight that it could change and vary in any one game. So we try to just keep focused on getting every game the points that we need and keep adding and the standings will fix itself. Once you get points, you’ll know that you did enough."

On having success off of set pieces compared to the past:

"The repetition and the training has helped us. For sure, now we are using the size that we have in our players and I think they are more connected to each other. They’re timing runs and getting in better spots. But that comes from a team that is training a lot and that pays off."