Vicente Sanchez hoping win can bring joy to Coloradans after difficult week

Colorado Rapids midfielder Vicente Sanchez following the 2-1 home win over FC Dallas:

On his goal:
"The goal arrived. Thankfully it served for us to win the three points, which is most important. When one scores a goal and the team doesn't win, (the goal) doesn't matter."
On his position tonight:
"I was playing from the left. I had come in playing on the right, and then the middle and Oscar decided to put me out on the left. I'm happy - happy to play and happy because from the first minute the team tried to win. We couldn’t score the goal in the first half. But still, little by little the team continues getting better. These are playoff games. These are games that everyone wants to win in order to qualify."
Where he's most comfortable playing:
"I'm comfortable with the team. The team is doing things right, they are sacrificing a lot - there are many players on the bench that can play and are waiting. I'm happy. We have to work hard during the week because we have another important game on Friday - another playoff game."
On adapting to Colorado:
"There is altitude, and it's difficult playing in altitude. But on the team, there are good people, and they've helped my adaptation. So I'm thankful for my teammates and the coaching staff who are doing everything possible so that my adaptation is faster."
On how he’s able to contribute so much, even in altitude:
"I'm a little older now, the years drag (laughing). But I'm happy because physically I'm well. Coach Paul (Caffrey) is doing a really good job with all the players on the physical side, and the team looks very good physically. So I'm happy, and happy to be part of this good group of people."
On whether he’s still adjusting to the altitude and Colorado weather:
"Yes, you feel it. It's difficult. And today we had rain. We had a difficult week here in Colorado. So we're hoping that this win can give a little bit of joy to the people and perhaps distance them a little from the suffering that the rain is causing."