Drew Moor
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Drew Moor: "We need to build on what we’ve created and continue the momentum"

Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor following the 3-2 home win over Vancouver:

On going down early in the match:

"I think not just going down the goal early but also conceding relatively late. For Vancouver to get back into a tie, to remain calm, not let it bother us too much. I don’t think anybody’s going to be real overjoyed with the way we played tonight, especially the first half, we missed a lot of passes and we just didn’t have that flow that we were looking for. But I think at the end of the night this was a game where we needed to get three points and we did everything we could to."

On Vancouver’s first goal:

"We didn’t deal with it well. I think they got in front of us a little bit too easily. And I think Shane and I - neither of us really committed to shut the ball down and allowed him too much space, and the guy scored three goals a week and a half ago, you can’t give him space.  That’s exactly why [Clint Irwin was so upset], and that’s why we were all upset, and you can’t really point fingers at that point. Shane and I need to shut the ball down. It’s a great finish, but it just kind of comes from nothing, and we can’t be allowing goals like that at this point in the season."

On the foul against him that led to the penalty kick:

"It’s a fantastic ball played in, and I’m trying to get position on it, I think I was in-between him and the ball, and I felt a little bit of a tug, and I was going to struggle to be able to get it on goal. At the end of the day I just kind of did what I had to do there."

On the focus for the second half:

"We were able to go into the half tied back up which was a huge breach for us, but Oscar just said he knows we’re going to win this game. This is a game you just feel like you’re going to win. You’re not playing the way you want to, but you’re the better team on the field. Give Vancouver a lot of credit, but we just wanted to come out and continue to create chances. We had three or four very good chances in the first half that we didn’t put away. We got our boys back, [Gabriel] Torres and [Deshorn] Brown, and when they’re isolated one-v-one and when they’re in dangerous positions, they showed you what they can do tonight, and we got to keep encouraging them to score goals like Torres’."

On Vancouver being in a must-win situation:

"They were a desperate team, and we knew they were going to throw everything at us. They certainly did that, and again I think that speaks to our character to be able to hold them off - we didn’t want to go back to their place and have to worry about them. But we’re not in the playoffs yet, and we don’t just want to scrape into the playoffs and not be playing well. We need to build on what we’ve created over the past couple months and continue the momentum. We’ll play well next week, and in my opinion regardless of what San Jose does tomorrow night, next weekend is a bigger game than this weekend, because if we’re in the playoffs, we have to build some momentum as we go into it."

On whether he’ll be watching the game tomorrow:

"Yeah, of course. Wait, the Cowboys, right? [laughs]. Yeah, I’ll be watching [LA/SJ] tomorrow night."

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