Gabriel Torres: "We showed on the field that we were the better team tonight"

Colorado Rapids forward Gabriel Torres scored two goal in the 3-2 home win over Vancouver:

On his second goal:

"The second goal was great. Even more than [scoring] the goal, it was better that the team won the game. We showed on the field that we were the better team tonight. A very hard fought game but we got the points. The goal came in a moment that we really needed. It was tied, and it was something that gave us the three points."

On the difficulty of the game and getting the points:

"They were a strong team. We did everything we could on the field and got the points."

On using Tuesday night's loss with Panama as motivation:

"[The Tuesday night game with Panama] was important [to me]. We needed these points to get up in the [Western Conference Standings]. We knew there were a lot of different situations and what we needed were goals and to get the team those three points [but it didn’t happen]."

On whether he was ready to play today for Oscar:

"Today I woke up and I wanted to play this game. It was a tough game, but it was really important."

On the difference in tonight's game from his last game:

"I have felt good in a lot of games. I’ve felt comfortable for a little while, and now it is just time to go get a title."

On managing fatigue with traveling last week:

"Yeah, as a player, you always just have to be used to those situations. I think that I felt pretty good physically, and I think that I am in good form."

On the team's plan for the night:

"Today it was important to move the ball really quickly on the field and to play good soccer, and we were able to do that and put together a great game."

On whether he was ready to play tonight after a busy week with his national team:

"Yeah [I was ready] because when I came back, [Oscar Pareja] talked to me and I told him I was ready for the game. I know what kind of position he was in, what position we were in, and I wanted to play this game."

On when that conversation happened:

"It was Wednesday as soon as I got back. I was able to get a good recovery, and I am in good form physically."

On recovering physically and emotionally after Panama elimination:

"I am still a young player and in soccer, everyone has to know that they are going to be wins, there are going to be ties, and there are going to be losses. So we are not going to the World Cup, but there will be another opportunity, and that is what we are looking forward to."

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