Hinchey family: R-L Aidan (8), Madison (17), Conor (6), Mia (wife), Brendan (8), Gabby (13), and Tim
Courtesy Hinchey Family

“Team Burgundy” raises more than $7000 for American Diabetes Association

Hinchey family, from L to R: Aidan (8), Madison (17), Conor (6), Mia (wife), Brendan (8), Gabby (13) and Tim

On November 2, the American Diabetes Association’s Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes came through downtown Denver, and as the crowd passed through the streets, plenty of burgundy was on display. The Colorado Rapids, behind the enthusiastic support of club President Tim Hinchey, put together “Team Burgundy” to help raise funds, and the result was a rousing success.

“It was wonderful to see all the members of Team Burgundy at the ADA walk, supporting such a great cause and showing their Rapids pride at the same time,” said Rapids President Tim Hinchey. “I want to specifically thank our amazing Rapids and KSE staff, members of Centennial 38 and other season ticket holders for joining me. It’s community events like this one that make our club so special.”

With a total of 103 members of the Rapids’ team, which consisted of people associated with the club in many ways, from staff to fans, the group joined together to raise more than $7000 toward the ADA. “Team Burgundy” was the second-highest fundraising team of the 192 that participated, and with 103 walkers, made up a big portion of the 1,724 participants at Step Out. In total, $191,071 was raised for the ADA.

“This is a very important event to me personally, and I was overjoyed to see the support from all the people who chose to participate,” said Hinchey. “I hope that we can build on the success of Team Burgundy to get even more people involved and raise even more money for next year’s event.”

For more information on the American Diabetes Association, or to make a donation, please visit www.Diabetes.org.



Saturday, September 16