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Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids / Caribous of Colorado

Colorado Rapids in Caribous of Colorado Uniforms - Quote Sheet

“People don’t always realize the long history that soccer has in America, and in Colorado. I’m honored to have spent so much of my career here, and I’ve only recently learned about the Caribous. Among the things I know now is that this Caribous jacket is beautiful. I don’t plan on taking it off anytime soon. I want to sleep in it.”
Pablo Mastroeni, Colorado Rapids Head Coach

“I was born in April of 1978, so I remember the first Caribous match I went to with my family that August like it was yesterday. It is a true honor to emulate those pioneers of American soccer – whose jerseys emulated the pioneers of the early American west – by wearing this uniform.”
Brian Mullan, Colorado Rapids midfielder

“It’s important to remember the people that made soccer relevant in America in the 1970’s, and these jerseys serve as a somewhat overpowering reminder of that time period. These uniforms are amazing, and I particularly like the shorts. Any day where people can see more of my legs, that’s a good day.”
Drew Moor, Colorado Rapids defender and captain

“My father was a professional baseball player in the early 1980’s, and I bet these uniforms make him feel like he chose the wrong sport and was just a few years too late. I certainly wish we could wear these every day, but it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of MLS to look this attractive all the time. The fringe reminds me of the whiskers on my cat, Finnegan.”
Marvell Wynne, Colorado Rapids defender

“I knew that my preseason choice to grow a mullet would pay off, since it works perfectly in this ensemble. Knowing that caribous are a species that can’t be found here in Colorado, I’m proud that for this day, we’re the only true Caribous of Colorado.”
Dillon Powers, Colorado Rapids midfielder

“I generally consider myself a pretty stylish guy, so I think it’s lucky that I get to wear this uniform. I had a dream several years back that I’d someday wear a jersey with leather fringe, and to put this on today makes that literally a dream come true.”
Vicente Sánchez, Colorado Rapids forward

“The wool and leather in these jerseys will be perfect for a summer day in Denver, when the temperature climbs up into the 90’s and we’re running for miles. It’s probably similar to how an actual caribou would feel in my home country of Jamaica.”
Deshorn Brown, Colorado Rapids forward

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