Pablo Mastroeni vs Whitecaps, April 5
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Vancouver Whitecaps vs Rapids - Postgame Quotes

APRIL 5, 2014 


How did you see the game overall:

“I though it’s was a hard fought contest. There were times especially in the second half where Vancouver was pushing the game, and you know they got a good opportunity and scored with it and got another good opportunity right after the first goal there. So we weathered some storms there. Credit to both teams it was a battle. The guys in that locker room fought really hard and found ways to win. You can’t coach that, that doesn’t go on a whiteboard. That is found in the spirit of the group.”

Six changes from last week. Are you concerned about not bringing your star players:

“Absolutely not. I have 27 players on this roster and I believe in every single one of them. And from the beginning every preseason game we’ve played, I’ve had experienced players playing with trialists. I think a little differently, I’m a little out there, but really believe the spirit of the team and when we go on the road and we have a lot of changes to our line up I’m so confident in our ability as a staff to prepare these guys and give everyone the same opportunities during the week. So we come here and completely confident that we know exactly what we’re going to get for the guys. It’s a long season and we want to makes sure that we have them as the season goes on.”

How big is it getting a point:

“Every point is critical. There is no easy point in this league anymore, everyone asks me about the tough start that we had in the first five games, I can’t find one game in the next 34 games that are easy, so it’s a great result for us. Extremely pleased with the effort and excited to get back to work this week.”

What do you think Jose Mari brings:

“He brings a wealth of experience having played in Europe all these years. As we started building this team we started looking at players who can move the ball quickly and has a great sense of spacing from the offensive standpoint. Also he’s a guy who likes to get mixed in, tackle and win balls. He’s your all around complete six and you know we’re delighted to have him around. More importantly it’s the aura that he gives the other guys on the team.”


Thoughts on two goals: (through translator) 

“The truth is I’m very happy with them. Both for the goals but more than anything else for the win that the team had. All the players did a great effort from the first minute to the last. Everybody worked really hard. And more than anything I want to dedicate those two goals to my family, to my girlfriend and all the fans in Colorado.”

Turning point on the red card: (through translator) 

“For us it was a really important moment. Last week the game changed when Marvell Wynne got a red card and you have to take advantage of those moments. You have to know how to play those games and we’re really happy with the win.”

Have you hit two better goals than that: (through translator) 

“No. The truth is those are the two best goals that I’ve ever scored, but it’s also true, I understand the importance that they have. These are three very important points for us and we have to keep growing.”

Importance of road games: (through translator) 

“For us they are very important. All the games are important not just the ones outside of home but also the ones at home. We’re a team full of humble players but we’re also very hard working. We’re always going to give it everything that we have until the final moments of the game to defend the colour of the Rapids.

MLS compared to La Liga; (through translator) 

“More than anything else the attacks here are a lot faster. It’s also very hard you have to be on the right side of the field all the time. But the reality is I’m very surprised with how high the level is here in MLS and I’m very happy to be playing here.” 


2014 debut. Thoughts on the team and how you played:

“I thought the team played really well. We kept the ball well. Maybe we could have been more penetrative with our balls in our runs. But we hung in there and came up with two great goals from Jose and it’s just a great result for us on the road.”

Turning point of the game:

“I think the first half was pretty even. Then they came out and scored a goal. At that point you have to chase the game a bit more and Jose comes up with an absolute bomb. Probably one of the goals of the season already. After that the red card definitely changed the game and we felt we could go on and win it after that and Jose with another controlled strike to win it for us.”

How big was your save just a minute after Whitecaps FC made it 1-0:

“It was just one you try to make yourself as big as possible and come up with a save. At one nil your thinking, two nil is going to be difficult to come back from and I was just trying to keep us in the game.”

How did it feel to be out there for your first start:

“It felt great. The first half I felt a little rusty, you know trying to get back into the swing of things. I’ve played a couple reserve games but you know it’s different when you come on the road in front of 20,000 people. Felt good to be back out there and just get back into the rhythm.”

How big is a win like this when it comes to spots in playoff:

“It’s very big for us I think at the end of the season for us last year. We played two of our last four games against Vancouver. We came up here and really struggled and they really stuck it to us. I think this is a really difficult play to play and I think Vancouver plays really well here. The fact that we can take three points from here is going to be huge for our season.”

How do you look to improve on your good year last season:

“As team, looking for more success. We have a belief that in here that we can not only compete in this league but do well. Our goal isn’t just to make the playoffs. We have Pablo behind us and he wants to instill in us that we can win the MLS Cup and I think after a game like this, that belief is only going to grow.”

How do you find the approach with the changes of head coaches:

“I think we have a lot of the same players, so the approach hasn’t changed much. We want to keep the ball. We want to play attacking. Pablo hasn’t made any defensive substitutions so he just wants us to keep going and just focus on the belief. It’s been refreshing.”

On Morales free kicks:

“Will Johnson is one you always have to look out for. Morales, with the ones he hit today were pretty dangerous and he’s pretty consistent. You always have to look out for those. So I think those two guys are always dangerous.”


Your thoughts:

“It’s a funny game sometimes. I thought it was a relatively evenly matched game. Vancouver probably had a couple more chances but I think we felt confident with the way we were playing and sometimes you need a goal like that to see yourself back into the game. [Jose Mari] has been a great player for us and that goal, really both goals, but the first one especially gave us so much life.”

How valuable was it to get three points in a place like this:

“You know I think any game on the road is a tough game. But Pablo preached since he was here you’ve got to be able to go on the road and get results. You have to play on the road in the playoffs. You can’t expect to get all your points at home. We feel like home is very good place for us …it’s a tough place to play and Vancouver is a very good team. It’s early in the season for sure but anytime you can go on the road against your conference opponent and get a victory it’s a good sign.”

Six changes to the starting 11. Does that show your depth;

“I think so. We feel that we have a very deep team. We have some young guys, I think everybody talked about how young we were last year, I think we’re just as young, if not even younger this year. Pablo has got confidence in everybody, and we all have confidence in each other. To be able to make changes like that on the road and to get three points is a good sign at this point in the season.”