Marco's STH of the Match: Tracy Family

Marco's STH of the Match: The Tracy Family

As part of their benefits package, all Full Season Ticket Holders have the opportunity to be the featured Season Ticket Holder of the Match in 2014. 


The Tracy Family (represented here by six-year old Jackson and seven-year old Eban) will be recognized as Colorado Rapids Season Ticket Holder of the Match when the Rapids host Chivas USA on May 11 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

What is your pre-game ritual?

Eban: I hang out with my family and I eat Cracker Jacks. I love Cracker Jacks and my parents only let me eat them at the Rapids game. It's good luck so you know.

What is your favorite Rapids memory? 

Eban: Last year at the last game of the year, we held up signs when the players walked around the field and they actually waved at us and saw us!

Why do you love soccer?

Eban: It's my brother's favorite sport and kinda mine. The things my brother does at his soccer game have helped me to love watching him play and, of course, the Rapids.

What is your favorite part of DSGP?

Eban: Driving up. It's so cool to drive up and I love the field. AND the bombs are cool when they go off. OOOOh, and I love Edson. But don't want the other mascots to feel left out.

How long have you been a STH?

2 years

Who is your favorite player on the Rapids and why?

Jackson: This year it's Drew Moor. Last year it was Chris Klute. I want to change every year so each player can be my favorite as I grow up.

Eban: I can't pick one player. I love the entire team.

Who is your favorite team outside of the MLS and why?

Eban: Denver Broncos...because they are my hometown football team! 

Jackson: Seattle Seahawks...because they won the Super Bowl! (commentary from mom, "oh dear...I need to work on him.")


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