Gaby Torres vs Chivas USA, July 25
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids 3, Chivas USA 0 | Postgame Quotes

Pablo Mastroeni, Colorado Rapids Head Coach
On the Gallery of Honor ceremony:
It was a beautiful evening. It was great to have my family and friends in town and cap it off with a wonderful performance from the guys.

On tonight’s experience and not getting emotional:
I think that [emotional] part of me is gone and there is no desire to continue on being a player. Now all my aspirations and focus is on becoming a great coach. I think when you let that part of you die and you celebrate that – I’m so excited about what lies ahead. It was that type of experience for me. Nonetheless, it was unbelievable to have my family alongside me, because it was those people that really carried me along when I didn’t believe in myself, in the dark times. It was a great experience today to end that chapter with them on the field with me.

On tonight’s game and the way his team performed:
It was a very good performance from the guys. I think defensively we were really tight and didn’t allow anything. I’ve been saying all year, if you’re good defensively, you’re going to get good attacking opportunities. I think we relished those moments in the first half going forward, and could have had a few more. But again, the defensive effort, the mindset, the mentality - it was spot on tonight.

On Gabriel Torres:
This has been an unbelievable experience for Gaby and myself as a young coach, having to work with a player who’s so focused and so dedicated. To do what he did to get to the point where he is tonight, speaks volumes for the type of character he has and his commitment to the team. I said, “Gaby you have to be patient, your time is going to come and you just take advantage of it.” Tonight was one of those performances that validates the kind of player he is and has been. Like all of us, we go through tough times but it’s about overcoming those tough times. I think tonight was a step in the right direction for Gaby as far as his career is concerned, but more importantly to see a guy that was playing carefree, playing his kind of game, getting in behind - it was a joy to watch. Those guys had a phenomenal teammate out there.

Gabriel Torres, Colorado Rapids forward
On his performance and his goal:
In truth, I felt really good. I thank God that I had the opportunity to score a goal, but the most important thing is that the team won. We had three games without getting the full three points, so it was important to get the win. We won, and now we have to focus on a difficult game on Wednesday that we will hope to win as well.

On if he can build on this performance:
Yes, the truth is that today, after not getting a lot of minutes, I felt really good. I feel like I can do well and keep helping the team.

Drew Moor, Colorado Rapids Defender
On his goal:
It’s a perfect ball from Dillon. That’s the spot he told me he was going to put it into. I think it was just one of things where everything just kind of came together. It was good timing, the defender didn’t really come up tight to me. It reminded me a little bit of our first goal in Portland, although I didn’t score that one, but I was free. [Tonight] I didn’t get a body on me so I was able to get a free jump and just timed it extremely well, but absolutely perfect ball from Dillon.

On the quick turnaround to face New England on Wednesday:
It’s part of being a professional. We’ve done it a couple times this year, the short week. We’ve got a deep squad, not sure what we’re going to do with that yet, but three points is the goal and that’ll be the focus when we wake up tomorrow morning.

On the difference between tonight’s performance and the last match:
I think even in Portland we stayed pretty organized defensively. Obviously we had a couple breakdowns at the end of that game, but collectively, as a whole from the front all the way back to Clint [Irwin], I just thought we were organized and we communicated well. I can’t think of too many shots Chivas really had. Maybe a couple late there when it was already three [to nothing], but it was a good defensive display. And to be fair, our possession and our movement of the ball helped out a lot. We were able to attack and keep the ball in dangerous areas of theirs.

On what specific things they’ve focused on:
One thing that we’ve really stressed the last couple weeks is to not lose possession in dangerous spots. Don’t mess around with it in the back in our defensive half. If we have to play ugly sometimes and put it up into their half and go play in there, that’s fine. We’ve really tried to limit those turnovers where they’re coming at us in transition, with numbers up or whatever the case may be. We’ve tried to lock down set pieces. I believe Chivas had several set-piece opportunities that we defended well tonight. [It’s] just staying concentrated and keeping the ball in safe areas and not messing around with it.

Wilmer Cabrera, Chivas USA head coach
On overall thoughts of the match:
I’m disappointed about some players’ mentality, especially some guys that had a chance to play, they have the possibility to step up on the field. The first thing that you do in these types of games is be well prepared with the right tools. Some players went on the field with cleats that are not good for this weather and these conditions. They were slipping over there, and obviously they cost a goal. With that, they don’t pay attention, and they don’t learn that this is a professional game and they have to have a professional mentality. That’s why we get exposed. We got exposed today with those little mistakes, with those unprofessional behavior situations with a bad mentality, and then it’s too late. At halftime 2-0, you have to come and tell the players, ‘Hey, what kind of cleats are you wearing?’ That’s pretty sad, but that’s our reality. That’s us, at this professional level, telling the players to change their cleats. You have to wear the studs for this weather, otherwise you’re going to slip. They slipped two or three times, caused problems, concentration, and then 2-0, the game is over. Two-zero in Colorado, with the Colorado Rapids, the game was over. Anyway, we have to continue, and at this level, still teaching the players that they need to wear the right cleats.

Nathan Sturgis, Chivas USA Midfielder
On the first half:
Obviously we didn’t quite figure it out in the first half. It wasn’t the best half for us. I think we struggled a little bit defensively to get good pressure on them, and I think that translated in us not being able to keep the ball as much as we wanted to. The two things are connected. If you’re not organized, and not playing well defensively, then it makes it tough to keep it. If you’re not keeping it, it’s tough to defend. I think that both sides of the ball, we were just not very sharp. We weren’t able to settle the game down and get ahold of the ball, and play a little bit on their end. I think we resorted to lumping it forward, and it wasn’t working too well.

On the second half adjustments:
[Cabrera] wanted us to be sharper defensively, and to try and close them down. I thought that we did a little bit better in the second half. Going down 2-0 at half makes it very difficult. We also tried to keep the ball a little more in the second half. When you’re playing it’s hard to tell if we did that or not, but obviously we weren’t able to get a goal and get back in it.