John Neeskense vs. Chivas
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Chivas USA 2, Colorado Rapids 1 | Postgame Quotes

Thoughts on the match:
“I think we had a really bright start, the guys pressured very well. I think the first half was very solid. I think we came out at the start of the second half, trying to find our legs a bit and control the game again. For the most part, we did a good job at that. I think we defended quite poorly on both [Chivas USA] goals. Looking at the stats sheet, we have 21 opportunities created, we have a lot of winning crosses, a lot of good stuff that happened amongst that game.

Again, I think our trouble isn’t so much scoring goals but being better defensively. I think for the better part of this game, we were a better defensive team than we’ve been in a long time. Unfortunately, not capitalizing on our opportunities and not defending well enough in those moments costs us the game.”

On the rhythm of the game:
“There were good combination plays, we were dangerous, and we had a lot of good opportunities. I think we spent a lot of that energy trying to create those chances, and not being able to capitalize on them, I think in the end it was the worse out of it. Again, there was a lot of bright performances out there, having [Jared] Watts out there, I think he did really well. John Neeskens and Charles [Eloundou] created a lot of great things and these guys coming back in the lineup, I thought brought a bit of life and injected a sense of belief, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.”

On the young group featured in tonight’s lineup:
“Like I’ve said all year, we have a young group, a group that has to gain experience and unfortunately the only way to do that is through hardships. I think we keep preaching hard work and making sure we’re playing a right brand and getting after it and making sure we’re better defensively, which I thought we were today. The future for this team is bright. It’s hard to see that, but being with these guys for the last 10 months, I’ve seen some great strides and creating a name for themselves and more importantly, getting better with each passing day.”

Thoughts on the match:
“I think the first half was a very complete game on our part. We were playing rather well. I’m happy for the opportunity that has been given to me and for my goal, but sad because of the loss.”

On his goal:
“It was a goal kick, Charles [Eloundou] got the ball, he ran and ran, I supported him on the wing, he gave me the pass and I finished the play.”

On the chemistry between him and Eloundou:
“Not just me and Charles, but with the entire team moving around, helping ourselves at all times. That’s how all the games have to be.”

On their next game:
“We have to continue working, that’s the only way. We have to continue the plan from today’s first half and continue working throughout the game and the results will come.”

Thoughts on the match:
“We had a good first half and kept control of the ball, but to lose the way we did is tough. I have only been here a game and a half, they have had 12 games of [the win-less streak]. It hurts. I know we don’t have anything to play for but it’s about our pride.”

On first-half performance:
“I felt really comfortable. It never bothered us. The shots they did have were outside the box, you don’t mind that. If they are going to score a 'worldy', you hold your hands up but they never did anything. They had two chances in the second half to put it in back of the net and I don’t think our goalkeeper had a save to make. When you have so much of the game you have to finish teams off and that’s what we didn’t do today.”

On the two goals conceded:
“Very sloppy goals. Two easy goals. Not much left from concentration and tiredness. I thought I was at fault for one of the goals, [Felix Borja] just got in front of me. Two sloppy goals and we need to do better as a team, as a defense as well.”