Dominique Badji SuperDraft

MLS SuperDraft Memories: Dominique Badji

The 2016 MLS SuperDraft takes place on Thursday, January 14 in Baltimore, Maryland. Ahead of the event, we spoke to recent Rapids draftees about their experience of the big day

How did you feel on draft day? Were you confident of being drafted at all?

On draft day I was very nervous and I didn’t think I was going to get drafted. At the time of the [SuperDraft], I was in Alexandria, VA. During the first two rounds, I occasionally kept track on my phone, but was not expecting my name to be called.

I was disappointed after finding out that my name wasn’t called after the conclusion of the second round. A few days later, during the 3rd and 4th rounds, I actually went on a long bike ride to free my mind instead of following the draft. An hour and a half later I got home, and saw about 20-30 texts from people congratulating me on getting drafted in the 4th round by the Colorado Rapids.

How had your conversations/interviews with the Rapids gone? And what other clubs did you talk with?

My conversation with the Rapids went great. Boston University soccer does not get the recognition and coverage that other schools get, so nobody really knew about me. I felt like I was starting from scratch whilst other players had already built a solid resume. I talked to about eight other teams.

Who was the first person you called after being drafted and what did you tell them?

The first person I called was my dad. He lives in Harare, Zimbabwe and he is the first person I always call or text for anything I am going through, not just about soccer. I told him that the Colorado Rapids had drafted me and although he was happy and proud, he knew that it ultimately just meant a tryout.

What did you do after draft day? Tell us the story of packing up and moving to Colorado?

On draft day Pablo called me and told me that I had a flight the next day to Denver. It was already late in the day at that point so I didn’t have time to do anything, just packed and went to bed.

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