Pablo Mastroeni's thoughts on the loss to New York City FC

The Colorado Rapids lost to New York City FC 5-1 on Saturday, their largest defeat of the season. After the game, Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni talked about how his team will have to react in order to make things right. 

"It’s a whole reset. It’s a mental reset. It’s a rethink everything. Coming into this game, New York was missing a few key players and the motivation for that group was this is my opportunity to show that I belong and I’m going to help win this game even though we’re down a few people. Our mentality was, they’re missing some key players, we’ve gotten to where we are sleepwalking, we’re going to keep going, and so I think when you hit a wall like that, it’s a complete reset."

It wasn't all negative from Pablo's perspective, however, as he hailed the effort of his players until the final whistle. 

"What I’m most proud about, is that the guys fought until the last minute because that’s what you want to see. You want to see the character of men. You want to see the character of the player, and it’s not always going to be puppy dogs and ice cream in football games. There’s going to be some bombs getting thrown in these games, and so how do we respond when all the chips are against us, when we shoot ourselves in the foot and get red carded?

"If we’re going to die, we’re going to die standing. I think what I was most pleased about was that the mindset of those guys in the second half did not stop.”

With the loss, the Rapids' 15 game unbeaten streak was broken, but records aren't Pablo's focus.

“Records and other stuff, they’re insignificant to me. It’s about the next game. It’s about going on one-game streaks. It’s not about setting MLS all-time records. This is about becoming a better group every single game and learning from your mistakes, and continuing to grow as a group; but I want to emphasize the group part because alone, you don’t realize as an individual you make a decision, it costs you a player on the field and how that affects the group.”

The Rapids return to Dick's Sporting Goods Park to take on Vancouver Whitecaps FC on Saturday, August 6 with kickoff set for 7pm MT. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

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