UCCS Fellowship Journal: August 2016

The Colorado Rapids and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Sport Management have partnered together to give students the chance to participate in a fellowship program with the club. 

Each month, one of the fellows will detail their journey from the classroom to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. This month, Adam details his time so far working with the Rapids.

Adam's UCCS Fellowship Journal: August 2016

Ever since myself and two other peers started our experience with the Colorado Rapids it has been nothing short of awesome. I have felt a part of the ‘Pids since Day One and now being able to work in the organization where I grew up with this team to support is great. Everyone that I work with at the Rapids has a unique experience of how they got to where they are today and it is great to absorb it all.

Normally, I head up early Friday morning for the class portion of the internship. This is where I learn more of the business side: the sales and marketing of the Rapids. However, on game days I get the more exclusive part working with the Street Team. This hands-on experience shows me how to put on events before, during, and after the game in order to grow the fan experience at each game.

Possibly the best experience I have had was working the Colorado Rapids World Cup of Wine and Beer event this year. I worked the commentator booth where fans and players could come up and commentate over plays that Richard Fleming commentated on earlier in the season and after they got to commentate themselves, fans and players got to hear how it was actually done by Mr. Fleming. I thought it was pretty neat as I got to meet some awesome fans and even a few players and it opened my eyes to some of the great promotions the Rapids do throughout the season for their loyal fans.

I feel as though working with the Colorado Rapids that it is more than just another day job to pay the bills, but a group of great people who love what they do through the passion of soccer and want to make the Colorado Rapids the best team out there on both sides of the ball.