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Anthony Hudson | The Marc Moser Show | Altitude 950 | March 14, 2018

Altitude 950


Altitude 950 is putting the fun back in sports talk. It’s Denver’s all-sports radio station.



“You’ve seen glimpses now on how we are trying to play. In terms of the mentality we want to play, how we want to be positive and how we want to play together are all things that we want our fans to be proud of. That is what we want to do. That is the focus for Saturday. We want to give the fans 90 minutes and something to cheer about. That is the most important thing for us.”



Head coach Anthony Hudson joined the Marc Moser Show on Wednesday, March 14. Listen as he recapped the Season Opener in New England and discussed the preparation and the excitement around the Home Opener against Sporting Kansas City on March 24. In addition, he shed light on injuries to the side and what to expect from new striker Joe Mason.



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