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Anthony Hudson | The Marc Moser Show | Altitude 950 | July 18, 2018

Altitude 950


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“He's such a strong person and has such a strong character. How he deals with everything that is going on and yet is able to turn up every day in training... He adds so much in terms of being a leader on the team, and for a young player to have a voice like that takes a lot of courage – especially in the locker room. The one significant thing about Kortne Ford is that he loves the club. He bleeds the Rapids, so when he talks about the club, it's from the heart." - Hudson on Kortne Ford.



Head coach Anthony Hudson called in to the Marc Moser Show on Wednesday, July 18. Listen as he shared his takeaways from the World Cup Final. In addition, the gaffer shed light on Kortne Ford's character and youthful leadership in the locker room, as well as what it will take to get revenge on Real Salt Lake Saturday in the second leg of the Rocky Mountain Cup.


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