Mehdi Ballouchy celebrates goal at DC on May 15, 2010
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Smith: Thoroughly Deserved Win

Gary Smith's post-game comments following 1-0 road win over DC United: 



“I believe it’s eleven years (since last win at RFK Stadium), thoroughly deserved tonight. I thought the players performed and showed a huge amount of character against a side that were pretty much fighting for their lives.

We had the lion’s share of the chances, really could have put them out of their misery in the final 10 minutes. But never the less the three points was thoroughly deserved and the players have given a wonderful performance tonight, again on the road.

I think Steve (Guppy) will take a lot of credit for the Mehdi goal – the double step over he’s always insisting upon. And of course Colin (Clark), being a close relative of his, I’m sure he’s going to take a lot of credit for those opportunities."

(Smith was jokingly referring to assistant coach Steve Guppy, who works daily with the players on one-on-one drills.)

"I’m really pleased for Mehdi (Ballouchy), a terrific goal. Those match winners are so important.

I thought overall the team was absolutely fabulous. It was a very competitive game and the players deserve nothing but absolute credit for a terrific win and great record to break (winning in DC)."


"(It was) a very choppy, contest game. We have a couple of chances to extend our lead. We were very passionate throughout the game tonight. Whatever pressure there was, we restricted any opportunities to real minimum. So I thought we deserved that win.

The last three weeks we've been suffering contesting games. The team deserved more than they got in the last few games previous to this. Tonight I'm just pleased with them and I'm sure that will do nothing but inspire them to do greater things and build their confidence."


"We're coming off two games where I think we controlled the majority of play, and didn't find that result on the scoreboard. Today we knew it was going to be a tough game. They're a good team, they're a solid team, they have a good coach. We had a few chances and buried one of them and I think that was the difference today. We knew it was the team that scored first that was going to win the game."

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