Exclusive Interview with Antonio De la Torre Ahead of MLS Expansion Draft

Exclusive to -With just a couple of hours to go prior to today's 2004 MLS Expansion Draft (2:00pm MT on ESPNews) spoke to Antonio de la Torre about his feelings going into this event which could potentially mark a cornerstone in his career. There have been reports in the Mexican newspapers that your move to CD Chivas USA is imminent. What do you think about that?

DLT- "You always have to take with a grain of salt what the media reports say especially the Mexican sports media. It is a good feeling to know that people back home are keeping track of what I do over in MLS and to think that an organization such as Chivas is potentially thinking about me as a prospect is very flattering." Would you like to play for them if the opportunity presents itself?

DLT- "It would be great. You have to understand the importance and tradition that a jersey with the Chivas colors and its logo mean even in the United States. That shirt represents an extension of a tradition already established in Mexico for many many years and to be able to play for them would be an honor for any player either Mexican or from any nationality." Has anyone from CD Chivas USA contacted you?

DLT- "No no one." What are your feelings towards the Rapids after being benched in the last four games of the season?

DLT- "I can tell you that I was upset at the beginning as any professional player should be when he is not playing but the person that made those decisions is no longer with the team and there is absolutely no resentment towards the organization. You are a professional player and you need to learn to take the good and the bad you need to act professional both on the field and on the bench." If you remain with the Rapids after today’s draft would there be any resentment for being placed on the unprotected list?

DLT- "No. The team explained to me the rules that were set by the League in regards to the draft and I understood the repercussions of those rules. I know that I’m not being placed on that list because the team doesn’t want me but it’s more because of the fact that they probably had to protect some players that without the specific rules from MLS they wouldn’t have protected.

"The Colorado Rapids are the organization that brought me over to MLS and gave me my first shot into soccer in the United States. This team will always hold a special place in my heart. Whether as one of their players or as an opponent I will always be grateful to this organization."

Don't forget to tune into the MLS Expansion Draft broadcast live today at 2:00pm MT on ESPNews!

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