Exclusive Quotes: Rapids Players & Coaches Give Thanks

COMMERCE CITY CO (Exclusive to - It's that time of year again!
The 2008 MLS season has reached its end autumn is in full swing and soccer fans of all ages are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving all across the nation.
Since it's traditional for everyone to take a moment to think about what they are truly thankful for each year as well as give thanks for those family and friends who make a positive influence in their life took time to speak with a handful of the Rapids players coaches and management to ask them what they are truly thankful for this holiday season!
Here's their responses below all exclusive to
"Being as this is the first year I will be in the United Sates for Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the way the season ended and the opportunity I’ve been given to lead the club going into next year. This Thanksgiving season I’m very thankful to be able to spend some well-earned time with my family and friends in such a wonderful place as Colorado."
–Head Coach Gary Smith
"I am thankful for my family and friends and also my teammates here with the Rapids. To be able to do something I love for a living I have so much to be thankful for."
-Midfielder Ciaran O'Brien
"I am thankful most for a happy and healthy family this year. But I am also thankful for the opportunity to be able to work in a business that allows us to create long-term relationships with people and hopefully bring some joy to our community."
-Managing Director Jeff Plush
"I’m thankful for my family friends and my teammates. I’m also thankful to be able to share Thanksgiving with my family in San Diego this coming weekend."
–Defender Greg Dalby
"I’m thankful for the close family and friends I have in my life. I am also thankful to be in the position I am today here with the Rapids in Colorado."
–Midfielder John DiRaimondo
"First off I thank God for giving me health which allows me to play for the Rapids and do something I love. I have been blessed to meet a lot of the fans here personally and I thank them for their support of both me and the team."
-Goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul
"I’m thankful for my family I’m thankful for my health I’m thankful for the food I’m going to enjoy at Thanksgiving and for the opportunity to be with the Colorado Rapids."
–Defender Jordan Harvey
"As I'm from Australia it's my first ever Thanksgiving this year and it's a new and exciting time of year for me. I am thankful for my family my lovely wife Rachel and just to share this time of year with good friends and family."
-Goalkeeper Chris Sharpe
"I am thankful for my friends and family and to have an ability to play a sport I love and get paid for it. I am thankful to be able to play here with the Rapids with some really great guys and good friends of mine. And I am thankful that we have great fans that have supported us through thick and thin."
-Defender Stephen Keel