Germany's Top Security Official: "Security at World Cup Will Be an Unprecedented Challenge

BERLIN (From - Germany's top security official has pledged his country will do everything 'humanly possible' to ensure a trouble-free World Cup a tournament he believes poses an unprecedented challenge.

Interior minister Wolfgang Schaeuble also renewed a heavily criticised call for a change in the constitution to enable the government to deploy troops to bolster security inside Germany if needed.

Asked how officials planned to prevent trouble from hooligans Schaeuble told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper: 'I can promise that we will do what is humanly possible and work closely with the security authorities of all participating states.'

'There is no 100% guarantee' he was quoted as saying.

'At this World Cup we are dealing with a new dimension of challenge - we must not just protect stadiums and team bases but also the so-called public viewing areas' he added referring to big-screen public broadcasts of matches.

Schaeuble a conservative who took office in November said he was satisfied with the security concept drawn up by the previous centre-left government for the June 9-July 9 tournament.

However he also has advocated allowing the government to deploy troops inside Germany - a suggestion that has drawn sharp criticism from his party's government partners the Social Democrats who argue that such a move is unnecessary; and also has been rejected by the new conservative defence minister.

Schaeuble noted that 'today Germany - like the USA and Great Britain - is in the sights of international terrorism'.

'One has to take precautions with big sports events' he was quoted as saying. 'And for me that includes the possibility of deploying the military at home if the security situation worsens.'

The minister insisted that 'I don't want to put tanks in front of football stadiums.' He suggested that the military could if needed protect embassies and other buildings.