One Man's Confession One Man's Quest": The New Class VI Supporters Section

Editorial by Mark Bodmer Founder Class VI Supporters Group -

I was a passionate fan surrounded by a sea of conformist parade-rainers. Was I truly all alone?

It was time to find out. And thus began my quest to discover like-minded fans of the beautiful game. Here in Colorado. At Rapids games.

I wanted to be loud angry yelling happy taunting celebrating and more. From my seat. I wanted to watch the game without some young kid bopping me with Rapids programs and giveaways. I wanted a beer.

But mostly I wanted to do all of this collectively with other fans sharing the same passion. And I didn't want the confused stares from the surrounding audience who wanted nothing more than to sit quietly. They didn't want any conflict they didn't want any "displays" or anything improper like that. That's okay as far as it goes but it's not for me.

Me? A big bear of a man shouting supporting carrying on talking (a bit) of trash discussing soccer with my friends and watching the game intently with my wife and child.

I needed support. I hoped it was out there. And thus the Class VI Supporters Group was established.

No fees no meetings no obligations. Just a chance to worry about the footy.

If my story has you interested in joining like-minded fans in a rowdy but family-oriented seating atmosphere in 2006 head over to for details.

We're a seating club. Nothing more nothing less. Remember: no fees no meetings no obligations. Preferred seats surrounded by great fans to enjoy the beautiful game.

This is a special guest column. Views and opinions expressed in this column are the author's and not necessarily those of the Colorado Rapids or Major League Soccer.