Rapids Training Tips: "The Power Plate An Innovative Way To Train

Editor's Note: Colorado Physical Therapy Institue writes soccer training tips for readers on CPTI is the Official Physical Therapy Clinic of the Rapids. This month's edition is titled "The Power Plate An Innovative Way to Train"

WESTMINSTER (By Colorado Psyical Therapy Institute exclusive to - The Power Plate is one of the newest technologies for athletic training and offers an Advanced Vibration Technology that is backed by over forty years of research. It is said to be one of the most unique fitness and rehabilitation devices on the market today.

The Power Plate produces a vibration through which energy is transferred from the platform to the body. This mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex which depending on the selected frequency results in muscles vigorously contracting 30 to 50 times per second. The Power Plate activates 95-97% of muscle fibers in each muscle which is twice the amount used during conventional training.¹ With this increased activation of muscle fibers you are kicking in deep postural and stabilizing muscles that are normally hard to train.

The Power Plate produces results similar to what is seen when doing high rep squats leg press exercises bicep curls etc. but without the stress to your ligaments and joints. This workout also displays enhanced recovery time which is advantageous to those of us who don’t recover as quickly as we did when we were younger.

The Power Plate produces results in as little as 10 minutes 3 times per week. Most people believe the trick to getting fit is the duration of the workout when in fact it’s in the intensity of the workout. Therefore on the Power Plate you increase the intensity and still gain the same benefits as conventional resistance training but in significantly less time.

Research shows the Power Plate to directly benefit other aspects of health as well. The vibration technology increases bone mineral density for Osteoporosis prevention and reversal². The Power Plate increases Testosterone by 7% and the Human Growth Hormone by up to 460%. It also decreases cortisol by 32%. These hormonal changes help to enhance fitness tissue recovery and weight loss. Metabolic rate is increased which is also critical for weight loss.

This progressive training technology is used by the Olympic Training Center the Denver Nuggets and now Colorado Physical Therapy Institute P.C.

¹Strength Increases after Whole Body Vibration Compared with Resistance Training
(Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2003))

²The Power Plate is a Drug-Free reversal of Osteoporosis
(Journal of Bone and Mineral Density Vol. 19 (3) 2004)

Hope this helps you stay in the game!

Article written by Roger C. Rettig MSPT ATC MNSMT CCM CIE and Director of the Colorado Physical Therapy Institute in Broomfield since 1987. CPTI Specializes in Orthopaedic & Sports Rehabilitation and is the Official Physical Therapy Clinic of the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer Club. If you have questions please contact CPTI at 303.460.9129 or Views opinions and medical reccomendations expressed in this column are the author's and not necessarily those of the Colorado Rapids or