Ticketing Nightmare: 24 Times As Many Orders Placed as Tickets Available for the World Cup

BERLIN (Reuters) - The final major sales window for the World Cup has produced 24 times as many applications as there are tickets available organizers said on Monday.

Fans placed some 677900 orders for a total of six million tickets in the sales period from December 12 to January 15 -- with only 250000 tickets available.

Cup organizers said on Monday they will hold a fourth ticket sale although it is not clear when that will happen and how many tickets will be made available.

Organizers said they must first see how many tickets return from sponsors and national associations.

Some of these will also go to those on a waiting list for anticipated returns.

As in earlier rounds a ballot starting on January 31 will determine which fans will be sitting in the stadiums during the month-long World Cup in Germany from June 9.

Lucky fans should know by early February.

Organizers said 52 percent of the orders were from within Germany and a total of 89 percent from Europe as a whole.

Foreign demand was much higher than in earlier rounds conducted before the December draw.

In the first two sales rounds 812000 tickets were sold. They were 12 times oversubscribed.