Post-Game quotes following loss at Toronto


Head coach Gary Smith thoughts on tonight’s game…

"Disappointment of course.  I think any game you lose there is always be disappointment. But after a really tight first period I obviously thought that we would improve. We certainly could be better going forward, and that did happen but unfortunately not until Toronto had scored two goals. 

From my angle and from where I’m sitting, the goals and how they came about where not good enough for us, not good enough for the standings, and they were short qualities that we expect. The players are upset. But there were few moments for Toronto that I felt offered them the opportunity to score. That’s what you get in a designated player I suppose. When the ball gets whipped in the box, he’s in a good spot and there is no doubt about it he knows where the back of the net is, he can finish. 

At the other end, there was lots of endeavor, there was lots of energy, two cleared off the line.  But when things are not going your way, they are not going your way and for us at the moment they are not.  We have to keep plugging forward and try to turn the tide as it where and get a couple of points on the board to get us back into what we believe is a very capable playoff position.

On the team's response after going down two goals:

"How many teams do you see it when teams go behind and suddenly there is a little bit more energy.  The players played with a little bit more freedom and tried to be a little bit more creative.  At this stage in the season though all teams that are either going to win games or be part of that post season, have got to be able to do that while the game is all square.  We’ve got to be that team making that first push and getting in front initially to mount a bit more pressure on the shoulders of the opposing team.  We did it last year, it was instrumental in our final run.  We were able to get in front and score goals and we made life difficult.

At the moment, at three games away form home domestically, and lost all three, it’s not a good time to have that but what we do look forward to are three home games now all against Western Conference rivals and two of them are very much in form teams in Dallas and our rival Salt Lake.  Next week we play San Jose who, by no stretch, will be an easy task.  But our own form has been decent, we’ve made life difficult for teams and we’ll be looking to win a game."

Drew Moor thoughts on tonights game…

"I think we left ourselves too big of a hole to dig out of.  I think that’s a team that we match up well against.  We played well in the first half, there was two soft goals from crosses that we just couldn’t deal with well and like I said it was just too big of a hole to dig ourselves out of."

How frustrating is it for you to have two of your shots blocked on the goal line?

"That’s the perfect word for it, it was just frustrating.  The first one I was trying to hold a guy off, just trying to get anything on it and it went right to the guy that was on the post.  The second one I had to reach back for it a little bit but that is definitely the play that I will be thinking about for the rest of the night tonight.  It would have been a different mood in here if that one goes in.  I think it was (Richard) Eckersley that did exactly what a defender should do in that situation.  I didn’t see him there I was just trying to turn it beside the goalie and its just frustrating."

What are you guys looking to do in the next two home games to turn things around?

"Win both of them obviously.  It’s a big champions league game on Wednesday night against Real Espana, it’s a team that we got a great result against down in Honduras.  If we win that game we put ourselves back in contention in our group and then obviously, we don’t want to look past that, but Saturday night we have a big game against San Jose, a team that again we feel we match up well against.  We just need to get results.  This is the time of year last year that we started to put together a nice run and I don’t want to call upon last year too much but we had the same characters, the same group of guys in here as last year.  We are disappointed right now but we will definitely put it behind us tomorrow morning on the way back home and we’ll look forward to next week."

Tyrone Marshall on being part of the change in momentum after entering in the second half:

"Obviously going down two goals is a tough one.  I think we kind of woke up then, being down two goals I think everyone kind of kicked it up into another gear.  After we scored that one goal it gave us new life.  We were close, we almost had that one but it was a good clearance off the line.  But that’s all we need to start a game.  And going back to the L.A. game I thought we finished on a good note and coming into this game I thought we needed to start on that note that and we didn’t.  I don’t know why, but its unfortunate. 

We need to keep our heads up and keep going.  We have a game coming up mid-week here and work on the things that we need to work on for that game and we’ll get a result and I think once we get a result it carries over to the next game.  I think not getting a result definitely kind of lingers a little bit and leaves a bad taste in your mouth but as you get a good result it will carry over to the next game and that is what we need coming into the game mid-week."