Oscar Pareja introduced as head coach on Jan. 5, 2012
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Pareja: Me gustan los jugadores creativos

Newly appointed head coach Oscar Pareja gives his thoughts on joining the team and his vision for the club. Below is the interview in Spanish followed by the translated transcription. You can also watch his interview in English by CLICKING HERE.

"It's an opportunity that I accept with great responsibility and lot of joy to come and represent one of the franchizes that has already been an MLS champion, which has a very attractive project. It's is about trying to create a style, trying to create a connection with the youth, with the community. So I'm commited to this project and I'm very happy to be here now."

On starting right away...

"Yes, there is not much time. The time is short and there is some urgency in many things. We're going to try to be as efficient as much as we can."

What do you know about the team you will be coaching?

"It's a team that reached a high point when they won the MLS Cup. It's a team that last year fought and battled until the end. It's a team that has a base of important and interesting players who are still here from when they won the title. Players who have acquired experienced, young players who are anxious to get better. It's a club that is leaning towards a little more diverse direction, and that very much caught my attention, because I believe diversity in football brings something that everyone can take advantage of and create a good environment. I like that type of diversity."

What can fans expect of an Oscar Pareja team?

"That the team plays good soccer. That the team has a sense of belonging to our style of play and that the fans can identify with. And that fans know that the Colorado Rapids play that way, work that way, train that way. That the young players also see that, so they understand as youths that it is an identy of the club and that's how they have to play. That all of us are committed to that - the young players, their coaches, the first team players and first team coaches. That all of us are on the same page."

What is your style of play, you're type of player?

"I like creative players. I like the type of players that fans pay tickets to come watch. I like that the people can enjoy talented players, ones can bring a different flavor. At the end of the day, I think that's what soccer is about - it's giving a fan the joy of a certain play, a trick (juke move), a wall pass, a nutmeg, or a good goal. In addition to that, to be part of a structure and organization as a team, but to give a little more. I like that type of soccer, that's the type of soccer I preach, that I train, and we're going to look for some players that can bring us that."