Treats to start the month

On any given day, one can walk by the break room here in the front office and be happily surprised to see free treats sitting there waiting to be snapped up. I've seen sandwiches, bagels, burritos, chips, cookies, etc. Different departments take turns, and even individuals are known to bring goodies to share.

But there's one day each month where we've come to anticipate - even get excited for - the sweet treats.

The KSE Spirit Committee - among other roles - sends out a company wide email on the first of every month wishing Happy Birthday to all employees who were born in that particular month. They also send celebratory birthday treats to each facility later in the afternoon. We never know what it will be - but you often see staff casually passing by the break room to see if the treats have been delivered.

In the theme of St. Patrick's Day, today's March birthday treats were green frosted cupcakes and cookies.

Happy March Birthday, KSE staff!!


Saturday, September 16