Brian Mullan at Seattle
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Mullan glad to be moving forward

On if he's glad to get this game out of the way:
"Very glad."
On his feelings before the match:
“Very apprehensive, leading up to it. Very... apprehensive is the best word for it. There are a lot of great fans in this city, a lot of nerves leading up to the game. I applaud the fans, they did a good job and conducted themselves professionally and consistent with their reputation of being very good.”
On if he'd tried to get in touch with Zakuani to set up a meeting:
“Through intermediaries I have tried to set up a face-to-face apology. He was very open to it but it has not happened as of yet."
On if he's hopeful a meeting will happen:
"I'm very hopeful. Very hopeful."
On if Zakuani recovering has made things easier on Brian:
“I wouldn’t say it [has made it] easier. Do not get me wrong I’m pleased, I want him back on the field more than anybody. He’s a great player and for that to happen to him on my watch was something that I will never live down.”
On his original post-game comment about the tackle being routine:
“I don't know if you have watched me play since then but it has completely changed my game. When I made that comment I had no idea the extent of his injury. Right after the tackle I didn't even see him; [I was] swarmed by their team, rightfully so. I had no idea of the extent until I was actually leaving the stadium and the team chaplain told me the extent.”
On if this incident can be over for him now that he's played in Seattle:
"I don't think it ever can."
On if playing here will help him in Seattle in the future:
"The only thing that helps is I know what to expect now, and that’s about it.”