David Beckham at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, April 21, 2012
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

LA's Beckham: "It’s a difficult place to come and win"

On getting the road result:
"Not bad, obviously happy we won. It’s a difficult place to come and win so, yeah, we’re happy."
On the Colorado Rapids:
"It’s great to see a full stadium. It’s always nice to travel places and have the stadium be full. It was a nice atmosphere but it’s always nice to come away and win."
On the rough start to the season:
"It’s a big win. It’s just a stepping stone to obviously what we want to achieve. We didn’t start the season off well but the last two games have been better, not just because we won the games but because we played as a team and we’ve done well."
On the penalty kick call:
"To be honest I’m probably better off not even commenting on it because I’ll get myself in trouble. That’s enough; I’m not even going to say anything. It would have been a travesty if we hadn’t won this game tonight because we were on top for most of the game. They obviously came at us second half but it would have been a travesty if we hadn’t have won it, but we did."
On maintaining control of the game:
"I think we did, especially in the first half we controlled it really well. We passed around well. Second half our passing wasn’t as good but we knew that they were obviously going to come onto us and push us to get back in the game. We’re happy that Josh [Saunders] came up with a great save for the penalty, there should never have been one but that’s immaterial now."
On the team morale after the win:
"Obviously the locker room’s better now than it was two weeks ago because we’re playing as a team, were playing well, we’re winning games. We just need to continue that. This is not where it ends for us, we need to continue next week and the week after and all the way through the season. So tonight we’re happy."
On the altitude:
"It was tough. We all felt it in the warm-up and when you go on a long run or things like that during the game, then you feel it as well. I think we coped with it pretty well especially in the first half. Because we kept the ball and passed the ball around well. It was easy for us. But a bit tougher in the second half. It’s a tough place to come and win and we’re happy tonight."
On scoring first:
"I think it’s always important especially when you’re on the road to not concede in the first 10 to 15 minutes. We kept it tight and we felt we were creating good chances and getting that first goal always settles the team down. Settles individuals down, I think it did that. And it quieted the fans down and that’s a big thing to do so we went on from there."
On the second half:
"We knew they was going to pressure us a little more and come onto us a little bit more but I think overall we defended well and we kept their chances to a minimum and we’re happy tonight."