Oscar Pareja during Rapids home match
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Pareja: "Very proud about the effort"

On the loss being tough to take:
"It’s a hard one. But if I have a team that fights and has that pride that we showed today, I can go to sleep well. All the credit for the players that gave all they had on the field. And I think so far, in the game I can see all the hard work that we have put in the past three months. I’m obviously, it’s a tough one and it hurts because we had PK and we had options and I think the boys deserved much more than that. So we are going to suffer that pain, but at the same time I’m very proud about the effort of the players."
On maintaining a possession, especially in the second half:
"We are growing on that part. I thought the possession today that we had was a more positive and we’re getting behind more than the other game. It’s great when you build what you want. It’s great when you see on the field those sequences of what we put on the training ground and you get points; that’s fantastic. But at this moment you’ve got something which is that possession and that start we want to give to the team, but we didn’t get any points and that hurts."
On the change in momentum after the Rapids scored:
"I experienced it today with the fans and I know the players; that’s one of the things that hurt them the most. I think the people played the second half. I think the fans played the second half with the players, they get into the game and I felt it. That’s what it is, the game. And the game is being transformed in this country big time, and that moment that you mentioned is one of those. Where you feel like the people are jumping onto the field and making things happen, the players felt it."
On looking to the match against Chivas USA next week:
"It will be great if the people who came today to the complex saw the effort and all the good soccer that the players put onto the field and they want to see it again and come and support them. We are going to build on that, because what I saw again, today, was good soccer and a lot of pride for the players and fighting and playing what we want to see. It was more frequent, the sequences that we wanted today were more frequent."

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