Bio: Aaron Cardona

Aaron is a 16 year old addition to the Special Olympics Colorado Rapids Soccer Team.  Aaron has been involved in several sports over the years and is excited to get another opportunity to make new friends and have a good time playing a new sport with his teammates. 

 In high school Aaron got a taste of just about every venue there was to offer. He participated in track and field, basketball, baseball, soccer, horseback riding, skiing and other activities sanctioned through his school. Aaron is always open to try something new and the Rapids All Star Team will now be another activity he can add to his long list.  

Within Jefferson High School and Jefferson County Aaron has been able to be a part of several organizations, clubs, and activities within the area.  One of the organizations that Aaron was a part of was Sports Made Possible.  He flourished here and has been trying out other organizations and activities to meet other people and have a good time with his friends.


Saturday, September 16