Bio: Mackenzie Beauvais

Mackenzie Beauvais-Nikl is a 17 year old goalie for the Special Olympics Colorado Rapids Soccer Team.  Though she often plays goalie, she is also experienced in all other positions.  Just last spring Mackenzie scored over 10 goals while also stopping every goal but one as goal keeper.  To give a glimpse of her versatility, Mackenzie is involved in 6 other Special Olympic Colorado Sports including: tennis, track, basketball, softball, snowboarding and cycling. 

Mackenzie began playing sports in high school.  She was on the high school volleyball and basketball team; however she found her true inspiration when she attended a Special Olympics Colorado demonstration in one of her local Denver public schools.  She enjoys the social atmosphere of Special Olympics and has culminated many friendships through the several sports she participates in.

Mackenzie’s favorite Rapids players are Omar Cummings, Conor Casey, and Matt Pickens.  Mackenzie has already been able to meet Conor and Matt during the Special Olympics Rapids drills practice and the “Shop with a Jock” event held at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  She is excited to meet the rest of the team in Seattle and is also “excited to beat the other team”.    She began playing soccer because of her older brother and now she is on her way to her own Championship Cup Series in Seattle Washington.