Wells Thompson and Webb Simpson
Courtesy Wells Thompson

Thompson happy for former roommate Simpson's U.S. Open win

Commerce City, Colo. - Wells Thompson and long-time friend Webb Simpson now have something they can each brag to each other about. While Thompson had already won a U.S. Open Cup (2007) and MLS Cup (2010) title in soccer, his former Wake Forest roommate, Simpson, on Sunday won his first golf major, the U.S. Open.

"I don't have too much room to talk, maybe the MLS Cup thing was good," Thompson told ColoradoRapids.com. "But Webb's hanging out with Tiger Woods and flying in private jets across the country, so he has a little more room to talk."

Thompson and Simpson met as youngsters in Raliegh, North Carolina through Simpson's friendship with Thompson cousin and best friend, Smith Andrews. When Simpson earned a scholarship to attend Wake Forest, they became better friends and ended up rooming together during Thompson's senior year at Wake.

And who was the better athlete during their time with the Deamon Deacons, Thompson in soccer of Simpson in golf?

"Definitely him at golf," Thompson said. "He was an Arnold Palmer award winner, four-time All-American in college."

Simpson has nearly 60,000 followers on Twitter (@webbsimpson1) and Thompson (@wellsthompson) is one of the 93 people the golf pro follows. Thompson said they've not talked since Simpson's big win, but he's texted his congratulations, in addition to tweeting his excitement. 

"To see him succeed on Sunday was so cool, such a blessing," Thompson said. "It's his first major, but it was bound to happen. He's an up and coming golfer and I think people expect a lot out of him, expect him to win."

It has been a couple of years since the two spent some quality time together, that being a vacation with other friends to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Their successful pro careers have kept them distant by location, but Thompson said that Simpson is still the same person he's always known.

"The coolest thing about Webb is that he's one of goofiest kids ever," Thompson added. "He will fall down in public, or will just go up and introduce himself to people and pretend he knows them from growing up. He's just a down to earth and fun guy to be around."

(Photo above is from a party for Well Thompson after he was drafted by the New England Revolution out of Wake Forest in 2007).