Drew Moor calls for individuals evaluations
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Frustrated Moor calls for players to evaluate individual effort

Defender and captain Drew Moor's post-game comments after giving up two late goals to SJ at home and losing 2-1:

On losing two straight games:
"It’s just not good enough. I’ve been here for a little bit now and this one stings just as much as any loss I’ve ever had. This has been a tough week obviously results wise; and has nothing to do with coaching, tactics, formations – it’s just guys digging deep on the field and grinding out results. Ten minutes to go here and were up 1-0, I don’t think that’s happened since I’ve been here to lose a game like that."
On the reaction needed:
"We close games like that out and I think everybody that’s been on the field the last two games needs to go look in the mirror tonight and decide, myself included, whether or not they’re putting everything into this that they need.  I’ll be the first one to do it, you know, I’m wearing the armband right now and it just wasn’t good enough tonight and it wasn’t good enough in Vancouver. And like I said it has nothing to do with coaching, tactics, or formation. It’s about grinding out a result and that’s a game that the Rapids grind out a result and it’s very disappointing tonight."
On the final 10 minutes:
"I think there were some tired guys, but we did not maintain possession throughout the match. I thought we sat in a little too deep we gave them too much freedom to move the ball around in the back.  They’re a hard working team; they thrive off of second balls and little long balls and knocking the ball, down flicking around to oncoming forwards and stuff.  We just didn’t deal with it as well as we should have.  I was extremely excited when the night started and about us getting some guys back from injury and looked like a very strong side and we weren’t good enough throughout and it all culminated in the end."