Marvell Wynne vs SJ
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Wynne: "My performance wasn’t as good as I hoped"

Defender Marvell Wynne, who returned to the lineup after missing the past month with a hamstring injury, reacts to the team's 2-1 home loss to San Jose:

On his performance in his first game back from injury:
"My performance wasn’t as good as I hoped. It was a lot harder [to come back from injury] than I would think. You think you’d just go back out there, and like riding a bicycle you get back on it, but there were definitely some things that I needed to realize once I’m out there and to regain my focus."
On how disappointing the loss was:
"Very. First half we came out, we were looking really good and we were touching the ball a lot, having a lot of fun and they gave us a lot of pressure but we played around it. Second half seemed like the pressure definitely got the better of us, they just kept going and going and we looked like we tired out and couldn’t get our touches right."
On what factors could explain the loss:
"I wish I knew. I wish I could have the right answer for that, but in the end it’s probably a whole bunch of different things that ended up with them getting a 2-1 victory."
On positive outcomes of the game:
"We scored first, for once. We got out of the first half without a goal against. We had times of brilliance but we’ve just got to stay more consistent."
On the process of getting the team back into form:
"I feel like there is a little bit of that where you do have to realize that, you know, our full team hasn’t been out there for a while now and we haven’t had a very consistent lineup. So it takes some adapting, some getting used to. But in the end we are professionals so we’ve got to learn how to adjust quickly and make the best of whoever is out there."