Martin Rivero vs Portland
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Rivero: "We dominated practically the entire game"

Colorado Rapids midfielder Martin Rivero on the 3-0 win over Portland:

On the dominating performance of the midfield:

"That was the idea, to win the midfield. In the previous games, perhaps we didn't do that, but today we did so very well. The entire first half, we had the ball all the time and fortunately the goals came quickly. I think in the game was decided in the first half, they layed off a lot, and we dominated practically the entire game."

On being able to continue this form:

"That's the goal, to maintain some consistancy. That was we want most, to be able to get all the points possible, especially here at home. Now we have another game coming up, and we'll be after the three points again."

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