Jeff Larentowicz vs San Jose
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Larentowicz: We have to figure it out

Colorado Rapids midfielder Jeff Larentowicz following 2-1 home loss to Seattle:

On what happened tonight:
"We’ve got to come together, you know. We have to figure it out. Obviously things aren’t working, but the men in the room are the only ones that can figure it out. The season’s not over so it’s time to figure it out and move forward. That’s it, move forward."
On what the next step is:
"We have to put our head down and work harder. I think that there are little things in the game that let us down. I couldn’t say that we played poorly over all, but there are instances in the game that don’t turn out well and that concede goals. If we could sit down as a group and work through that in training and figure it out together and concentrate for 90 minutes then the results will start to turn."

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