The similarities between the Broncos' and Rapids' PFMs

It's nearly impossible to tune out the Denver Broncos buzz, especially when "PFM," as Broncos fans and covering media have appointed Peyton Manning, is leading the team to the playoffs. And I suspect many Colorado Rapids fans are also Broncos fans, or least enjoy the local sports teams' successes, and are also optimistic for the Broncos' playoff hopes.

But for many Rapids fans, "PFM" was already in town quite a few years before the future hall-of-fame quarterback came to the Rocky Mountains. That's our own Pablo 'Freaking' Mastroeni.

As I thought more about the two local pros and their impact on their respective teams, I came across a few more similarities than the PFM acronyms, their 36-years of age (Peyton is five months older than Pablo), or that both of their team's missed the playoffs in the same year the respective superstar was forced to sit out with head / neck injuries.

Here are some I came in the comments if you think of others.

Mastroeni began his professional career in 1998.

Manning began his professional career in 1998.

Mastroeni has one League championship - the 2010 MLS Cup.

Manning has one League championsip - the 2007 NFL Superbowl

Mastroeni was the first overall pick in the 2001 MLS Allocation Draft

Manning was the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft.

Mastroeni was named an MLS All-Star in 9 consecutive years

Manning was named an NFL Pro Bowler (all-star) in 9 consecutive years

Mastroeni's last Final appearance was in 2010 (Nov)

Manning's last Final appearance was in 2010 (Feb)

Mastroeni was the 2012 Team Humanitarian of the Year, nominated for MLS award

Manning won the 2005 NFL Humanitarian Award

Mastroeni has played in at least 14 games for his team in 14 different seasons

Manning will play at least his 14th game for his team in his 14th different seasons (Dec. 16, 2012)

Mastroeni has 65 international caps and played in two FIFA World Cups

Manning has won four NFL MVP honors

Mastroeni missed nearly all of 2012 with concussion symptoms before announcing he's coming back for Major League Soccer's 18th season in 2013...

Manning, who brought back the retired #18, missed all of 2011 with a neck injury before returning this year to lead the Broncos back to the NFL playoffs...(and TBD)

Next month, Broncos fans will be pulling for Peyton to advance past the first round of the playoffs for the 5th time in his career. When Pablo advance past the first round for his fifth time, in 2010, he advanced all the way to the Cup...