MLS Commissioner Don Garber to give "March to Soccer" address LIVE at 4 pm MT

NEW YORK – Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber is going digital.

On Sunday, MLS announced that Garber will conduct his March to Soccer address and media availability via a live stream on the MLS YouTube Channel and take questions from reporters via an exclusive Google+ Hangout. The event -- the first of its kind for a commissioner of a major sports league -- will take place on Wednesday, February 27, at 6 pm ET.

Previously, the commissioner's annual address has been done via teleconference. This year, though, the event will take place at Google’s New York City office, and streamed live on, the MLS YouTube Channel, and the MLS Google+ page.

The commissioner's March to Soccer address will include the presentation of new league initiatives for 2013 and a Q&A with media members, according to a release from the league.

Google+ Hangouts, which uses to provide live coverage of major soccer events, such as the US national team's match against Honduras earlier this month, are a new platform that allows "up to ten people to participate in a video chat conversation that is broadcast live on YouTube and Google+."

The MLS season kicks off on Saturday, March 2.