Shane O'Neill
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

O'Neill becomes first homegrown player to start match for the Rapids

Colorado Rapids defender Shane O’Neill made his first career start in 2-2 draw with Portland:

On how he felt overall:

"I felt pretty good. I thought we got in a good rhythm there in the first half. It was just unfortunate that we got caught because I thought we were pretty comfortable being up 2-0. It seemed like the game was kind of dead in the water unless something like that happened. We just kind of lost a little bit of concentration. Overall, I thought we did alright. Marvell (Wynne) and I communicated pretty well. There were a couple of little sketchy moments there, but it's bound to happen in the first full game. Overall, I thought I did alright. I was happy with the performance."

On playing with Chris Klute:

"[He] and I have been playing together on the reserve team a lot. We've been talking a lot together. This is kind of our first starts of the season so we knew we had to cover each other's backs. Obviously we're disappointed with the result, but [he] and I are pretty happy with how we played."

On nerves at the start of the game:

"Yeah, obviously there's a little bit of nervousness going in, but once you get that first touch on the ball, it's just another game. To be honest, I felt good especially in the first half with the winds at our backs. I felt like I could play a lot of long balls. It was a little more difficult in the second half to get a rhythm because the ball was getting held up in the air every time we hit it long."

On his shots on goal:

"The shot in the second half off the corner, I thought 100% was in. I was ready to celebrate on that one. It was a great save by him. It's disappointing because obviously it would have been great to get a goal in the first start, but as I said, I was pretty pleased with my performance."

On being the first Homegrown Player to start a game for the Rapids:

"I think it shows well on the program itself, on the coaches here and the coaches at the academy level. They really develop the young players well. There's going to be plenty more (young players coming up) in the future. There's no doubt about that. It just shows how good the system is here."

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