Kersten Mullan talks with Daphne Thompson at Sidekicks autograph alley

SideKicks launch new autograph alley following Rapids home matches

You may have noticed this season that several players have stuck around after each home game to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and interact with their fans. This is a new "Autograph Alley," which is being sponsored by the Rapids Sidekicks, the wives and families' charity supported by the Rapids.

"Autograph Alley" is a chance for fans to meet Rapids players on matchday and a way for the players to reach out to their fans to thank them for their support. And best of all, it's free to fans at the game. Just head down the stands after a match and keep an eye out for players. Bring your camera, and have something ready if you want an autograph.

This new post game activity is just one of the many ways the Sidekicks are planning on using their special relationship with the players to bring unique experiences to the fans.

"You'd be amazed what you can get the players to do when there's a little pressure from home," laughed Kersten Mullan, wife of Rapids' defender Brian Mullan. "But in all seriousness, we wanted a way to use our relationship with the guys in a way that benefits both the fans and the greater community,"

Although "Autograph Alley" is more of a fan experience, the Sidekicks plan to host several fundraising and awareness campaigns that will benefit a local or national cause.