Drew Moor attributes another road result to 'different mentality' this year

Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor following 2-0 win at Columbus:

On what’s working well for the backline:

"I don’t think it’s just the backline I think it’s the entire unit is just battling extremely hard not letting other teams get anything easy. We’re staying organized, we’re staying solid. We are winning our first and second balls, we are winning our individual challenges. And we put a couple away tonight which is always the best form of defense. But it’s just a solid unit from everyone that steps on the field."

On getting road results in 2013:

"I think it has a lot to do with a different mentality this year. Not that we have a completely new philosophy or mentality this year, it’s just a little bit stronger willed I feel like. We believe that we can go on the road and get results. We proved that tonight, we proved it a couple of other times so far this season. Road game is the same as a home game, you want to go try and get as many points as you can, and tonight was no different."

On the performance of defender Chris Klute

"Chris is just as steady as can be. He’s extremely athletic, very fast. If people didn’t think he was before, I don’t think [Dominic] Oduro out ran him once tonight and I know Dominic is a very fast player. But he just does the right things; he gets in the good spots. He’s a solid defender and he’s a warrior, he battles for 90 minutes and that’s what you want out there."

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